See Apple's Dazzling, Retro Love Letter to Its Iconic Ads and Products

The colorful video is styled like a movie's opening credits

Apple often enjoys making flashy videos for its press events. But Monday's show opener took a particularly sweeping look at the company's advertising and product history—a colorful self-loving preamble to a busy event dedicated to Apple's big plans for TV programming, video games, an expanded news offering and even a credit card. 

The 1:45 kick-off video is styled like the opening credits to a movie. It begins with the famous Macintosh startup chime sound, first included on the Apple II in 1987.

From there, it presents Monday's event as "A Think Different production," before cycling through references to lots of famous ads (from 1984's "1984" to 1997's "Crazy Ones" to last year's "Welcome Home") and products (from the Mac to the iPod, iPhone and even the Apple Pencil). 

The retro feel of the Saul Bass-inspired faux credit sequence is pretty irresistible. And of course, the showbiz theme is apt, as Apple looks to take on Netflix, Amazon and the rest of the established players in original programming. 

Opening Film — March 2019 Apple Event

The rest of Monday's event was chock full of new creative work as well. There were three videos previewing Apple TV+, the subscription service for original video, coming this fall; two videos for Apple Arcade, an upcoming subscription service for video games installed from the App Store; and individual videos for the new Apple Card credit card and an expanded Apple News+. 

See those videos below. 

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ Preview — Coming Fall 2019
Apple TV+ Oprah
The Storytellers Behind Apple TV+

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Preview — Coming Fall 2019
Introducing Apple Arcade — Coming Fall 2019

Apple Card

Introducing Apple Card — Coming Summer 2019

Apple News+

Introducing Apple News+
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