An Iguana Soars in a Cinematic Short for Aeroméxico

He rides an Eagle's wings

You're an iguana, and you want to soar through sky. Now, you can't buy a ticket on a commercial airline, or learn how to fly a light plane. Because you're an iguana. It's a cool life, but there are limitations.

Naturally, you turn to a feathered friend for an assist.

Aeroméxico and Wieden + Kennedy spin this animated tale in a short film that introduces the global tagline, "Estar Cerca, Llegar Lejos." ("Being Close, Getting Far"). 

Aeroméxico | Being Close, Getting Far

Little critter looks kinda green. Guess air travel doesn't agree with him. As for Mr. Bald Eagle, well, he's got an in-flight snack perched on his back.

Kidding, of course. No lizards were sickened or consumed in the making of this commercial.

"Aeroméxico has always been an iconic Mexican company, and now, we have the honor to expand the brand’s legacy and strengthen its connection with consumers," says Jessica Apellainz, ECD, W+K Mexico. "Together, we created a campaign inspired by timeless animated films audiences know and love, with the hope that it resonates with a new generation of flyers."

Adds agency CD José Ferraz: "Our messaging has to resonate with literally everyone, from little kids to grandmas. So, we took a cue from those timeless animated classics that many of us hold fond memories of. and dove headfirst into that magical universe."

"But instead of the usual mice or squirrels," he says, "we embraced full-on Latino mode, making an iguana the unexpected yet lovable hero."

Reptiles are a thing in commercials these days. Seems fitting, as the ad game's always been cold blooded. It gets more so all the time.

Directed by Nic Yalouris of The Mill, and part of a broader campaign, "Esto es Volar" ("This Is Flying"), work breaks this week across TV, digital media and social. 

But not all flights run the full minute and half, with edits as short as 6 seconds in the mix.

Here's a BTS pic of the ad's star—an impressively realistic model—on set:

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