Here Comes the Judge, Plus Lizards and LED Hula Hoops, in Rad Ads From the U.K.

Winners From Three Ireland, Tearfund and Londis

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on the United Kingdom. Highlights include Jeff the Lizard's crosstown adventure and a percussive courtroom that makes with the beats.

Three Ireland, 'Jeff's World'

Embark on an epic robo-vacuum journey with a righteous reptile in this thrill ride from Boys+Girls for Three Ireland. Along the way, Jeff meets a pooch, enjoys a quick bite and showcases his moves at the skatepark.

Tearfund, 'We Built the Town'

Charity campaigns often strike a somber tone. But Tearfund and Don't Panic prove a delightful exception to the rule, as our hapless narrator just can't get anything right.

Londis, 'Overheard in Londis'

All's fair in love, war and the grocery aisle! It's a mini romcom, with faux-drama and misunderstandings among Trevor, Dave, Adoife—and the latter's boyfriend.

Charli Cohen, 'When Fashion Meets Flow Artiste'

Viral sensation Eshna Kutty rocks a blue LED hula hoop, her dynamic energy defying the darkness. She's clad in Charli, of course, in this visually vibrant excursion from Great Guns director Karel van Bellingen.

Shaken Udder, 'Do What Makes You Happy'

In this entertaining spot by Quiet Storm, a stern judge gets ridiculously rhythmic after sipping his milkshake. Gripping a gavel and ballpoint pen, the dude goes full Phil Collins, leaving the courtroom in awe.

Great Western Railway, 'Five Get There First'

Adam&eveDDB brings the "Famous Five" back for their first new adventure since 2020. Embarking on a beach day, the Five take the train, while Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny take their car. Wanna guess who's trip trip turns out best?

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