Jamie Foxx Scores for BetMGM

He keeps cool in a sports-betting storm

How chill is Jamie Foxx in BetMGM's F/X-driven commercial? Chill enough to propel the frenetic :30 past tough competition to claim Muse's first Ad of the Week crown!

Director Wayne McClammy stages plenty of wild action in a Vegas bistro. Footballers, hoopsters and home-run sluggers wrecking the joint. Through it all, Jamie keeps tickling those ivories and hyping the sports-betting proposition.

BetMGM | Doing It Live

Hip and understated, Foxx holds everything together in the spot developed by 72andSunny. It would have been so easy to go too far. But he keeps the message tightly focused amid lots of sound and fury. (Plus fire, too.)

And while amusingly OTT, the sports antics don't feel forced. Rather, they're an intrinsic part of the pitch.

We can say the same for Mailchimp's impressive ball-of-humans metaphor from another of the week's standouts. It's a compelling B2B approach that should keep eyes locked on screens.

Tech brand PRISM+ launched the weirdest work of the week, hands down. Once you've seen a naked turkey guy prepped for basting, it's not easily forgotten. (But perhaps not everyone's taste?).

Finally, Amazon's sojourn to Ancient Rome merits mention. Its cinematic touches and bass-heavy beat imbue the tale with a timeless allure.

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