2 Minutes With … Jordan Passman Founder & CEO of Score a Score

On listeners soundtracking their lives by searching moods

Jordan is the founder and CEO of Score a Score. Since starting the company in 2010, Score a Score has paid out millions of dollars to its roster of independent artists, and has worked on thousands of projects for clients across all mediums.

The company represents a global lineup of 300-plus diverse composers and a curated catalog of 70,000 tracks. Recent work includes campaigns for Microsoft, Verizon, Apple, MasterCard, TikTok, McDonald's, Disney, Meta, Google, Taco Bell and LinkedIn, blockbuster trailers for major film studios, and music supervision for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO.

We spent two minutes with Jordan to learn more about his background, his creative inspirations and recent work he's admired.

Jordan, tell us …

Where you grew up, and where you live now.

I was born and raised in L.A. and still call it home today. 

Your earliest musical memory.

One of my earliest goosebump-inducing musical moments was coming home with my first albums (the Jurassic Park soundtrack and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) and blasting them on the boombox. Those John Williams themes still hit HARD. 

Your favorite bands/musicians today.

Radiohead, The Strokes, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Hans Zimmer and so many other random ones.

One of your favorite projects you've ever worked on. 

We created 100 unique jingles for American Express, which were gifted to small businesses all over the U.S. We sourced talent (including eight Broadway vocalists) for sessions in L.A. and NYC and a video shoot in Toronto. I loved this project because we managed it from front-to-back, with our clients at Dentsu taking it through strategy to post-editing and mix.

A recent project you're proud of.

The Marsh King's Daughter trailer features a customized song by our composer Adam Fazel, as well as an overlay by Jacob Yoffee. It's always an honor to collaborate with the incredible team at JAX and this music gives me goosebumps.

One thing about how the music world is evolving that you're excited about.

I admire how listeners are soundtracking their lives by searching moods like "focus," "relax," "study" and "sleep." I am excited because this highlights the power of the right music at the right time, and how potent it can be to enhance whatever mood one is chasing with a song. 

Someone else's work, in music or beyond, that you admired lately.

I am inspired by how much MasterCard has leaned into the power and influence of sonic branding.

A book, movie, TV show or podcast you recently found inspiring.

Book: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan.

An artist you admire outside the world of music.

Mike White, the creator of The White Lotus. I was super impressed with how unique that series was from Season 1 to 2. I can't wait for Season 3. And that theme song and the Season 2 remix is straight fire. 

Your favorite fictional character.

We just rescued a puppy and named her Betty Boop, so she's top of mind. 

Someone worth following in social media.

My friend @EricSiu is always dropping inspiring nuggets of knowledge and marketing tips. 

Your main strength as a marketer/creative.

I'm a matchmaker, so making connections for creative collaborations gives me life. 

Your biggest weakness.

I am a huge proponent of proven processes and systems, but it can be challenging for me to follow them.

Something people would find surprising about you.

I play piano by ear and can't read sheet music.

One thing that always makes you happy.

Eating at In-N-Out Burger on a road trip with my family.

One thing that always makes you sad.


What you'd be doing if you weren't in the music business.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I would be happy collaborating with people I love, creating something meaningful and helping to make a positive impact.

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