Shiny Nuggets From Colombia, Finland, Singapore and More

Work from Stadt Ravensburg, Tori and Renault

Here are some great campaigns that broke across the globe in recent weeks, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World...

Renault, 'It's Renol'

Colombians have tweaked the Renault name to show gratitude and demonstrate that, even though the car is French, its stories drive close to home. Crafted by Publicis.

UNIQLO, 'Hug to Unlock'

The Pill Agency unveils a unique concept: One hug = one thermal garment. Introducing the first dispenser that works with... hugs!

The Prudential Gibraltar, 'Flashback Bus'

This heartfelt corporate movie, narrated by Japanese actor Ryohei Otani, immerses viewers in a world of nostalgic bus journeys. The story invites viewers to cherish irreplaceable family memories and kindles a desire to reconnect with loved ones.

Tori, 'Keep On Movin'

Finland's largest second-hand marketplace teamed with Make It Simple Helsinki to illustrate that with more than 15,000 transactions a day, things are really moving:

Riot Games, 'Teamfight Tactics'

Electriclime° produced this vibrant film celebrating the launch of Teamfight Tactics Mobile. Watch beloved TFT character Pengu dances through the streets of Singapore, spreading joy:

Ravensburg, 'Better Than Ever'

An old Ravensburger travels several centuries in this humorous ad from Dreamscope. As he gets to know his hometown anew, he copes better in some situations than in others, which contributes to an entertaining flow:

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