Scary Good Global Campaigns With Zombies, Hexes and More

Repping Mongolia, South Africa, Ukraine, Australia

Here are some great campaigns that recently broke across the globe, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World.

Khan Bank, 'Digi Pay: Enjoy Everything'

Mongolian agency Trimon presents a fun campaign highlighting unexpected encounters at a coffee stand.

Afrisam, 'The Great Wall of Ekasi'

A lost visitor seeking directions takes a hilarious wrong turn as two characters get sidetracked describing the wall of Bra Joe's home—the Great Wall of Ekasi—in this witty spot from Spitfire Films.

Vodka Cruiser, 'Hex Your Ex'

DDB Melbourne and Mango Communications invite you to have your ex hexed by notable witch Ms. Angela Dix. Let your ex endure such delightful horrors as a lifetime of being assigned the middle seat on every flight, patchy WiFi and more.

Investec, 'Mirrors'

A banker and a client face off over their respective expectations in this enchantingly artsy effort from Leagas Delaney, South Africa.

Home Hardware, 'Stress-Free'

Toronto-based John St. shows us that even in a zombie apocalypse, there will be DIY projects to tackle around the house.

Vidby, 'What Is the Path of One Page?'

A single piece of paper representing a brilliant idea takes a magical pinball journey in this wild ride from Brain Tank, Ukraine.

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