Oreo, Turrino, McDonald's and Other Great Ads From Across the Globe

Repping India, Argentina, the Netherlands, UAE

Each week, Muse sibling Ads of the World curates a selection of breakthrough ads from far and wide.

Turrino, 'Beautiful and Bubbly'

Turrino presents the vivacious Pooja Hegde as the bubbly "Bhima Bride." A celebration of luxe style—as sparkling as the jewelry on display.

Oreo, 'Trust the Twist'

LePub Amsterdam bids farewell to the coin toss and introduces a new method: let the Oreo decide! Check out the full series for a fun and tasty twist on decision making.

Panadol, 'Pain Is Everywhere'

Grey Dubai employs a cheeky mockumentary style to provide relief from painful dangers such as the dreaded Lego on the floor and half-open cupboards.

McDonald's, 'Factory'

What if one of McD's Happy Meal boxes left the factory sans smile? Would the world stop spinning? Find out below via TBWA\Buenos Aires.

ProActiv, 'Live Fearlessly'

She fears nothing despite the omnipresent dangers that come with shooting a genre-blending, mind-bending sci-fi kung fu flick. It's all about getting your cholesterol in check. From TBWA\Neboko.

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