Optibet, Contiki, XioMi and More Great Work From Far and Wide

Campaigns repping Estonia, South Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand

Each week, Muse sibling Ads of the World curates fab work you need to see right now.

Whittaker's, 'Hello Chocolate Lovers'

Whittaker's and Bastion Shine illustrate that chocolate consumed while standing in the pantry doesn't count. Not really. So, take another bite. And another...

Optibet, 'If You Love Sport, Sport Loves You Back'

Will your love for sports go unrequited? No way! Optibet and Not Perfect play Cupid in a cute campaign that might ring bells for some fans.

Binggrae, 'Heroes' Belated Graduation'

Binggrae orchestrates a ceremony to recognize student activists who missed graduation due to their involvement in the Korean independence movement. Created with Dminusone.

XioMi, 'Invisible Crew'

From XiaoMi and Exception: Whenever the protagonist uses his phone to shoot, a professional crew suddenly appears to assist, helping create the highest quality images.

Contiki, 'Switch On Social Travel'

Contiki partnered with creative agency We Are Social for an initiative that encourages creators to disconnect from their platforms and fully immerse themselves in the travel experience.

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