Johnnie Walker, 5Alive, DStv and More Great Global Campaigns

Repping Australia, Nigeria, Denmark, South Africa

Each week, Muse sibling Ads of the World curates a selection of breakthrough ads from far and wide.

Johnnie Walker, 'Keep Walking Proudly'

Johnnie Walker encourages everyone to take bold steps toward equality. Below, the brand and Leo Burnett Australia celebrate inclusivity and empower individuals to embrace their first Mardi Gras experience.

Biu Biu, 'Gastronome'

A refrigerator guides a family into a fantasy grocery store filled with sausages—lots of sausages. ABK crafted this whimsical spot for Georgian retailer Biu Biu.

5Alive, 'How Do You Pulp It?

"He gulps it! She chews it! He slurps it!" Ogilvy Nigeria and 5Alive want to know how you handle so much pulp in your juice.

Rynkeby, 'Find Your Thirst—Quench Your Thirst'

A wise Danish elder sends her lazy grandchildren in search of fruit, even though the young people find such errands "lame." Soon, however, unexpected magic unfurls.

DStv, 'Stronger Tear-gether'

South African agency Retroviral humorously informs us that men only cry when they watch sad programs. Discover more in this funny spoof promoting DStv.

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