Globe-Spanning Highlights From Romania, Ukraine, Taiwan and More

With McDonald's, Toyota, ThankQ

Here are some great campaigns that broke across the globe last week, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World...

ThankQ Pet Food, 'Pets Anonymous'

In clever work from DDB Romania, we discover a support group for over-indulged pets and probe the reasons behind their extreme pampering.

William Hinton Rum, 'Where There Is a Will...'

In Portugal, a serendipitous meeting and a casual toast transform the lives of two strangers in a romantic interlude from MANTA.

McDonald's, 'Simple Happiness'

In 2024, McDonald's Taiwan marks its 40th anniversary with a little help from Leo Burnett. Featuring Jolin Tsai, Taiwan's "Queen of C-pop," the clip below shows moments of simple joy spanning four decades.

FundaMorgan, 'It Doesn't Stay On a Screen'

Panama's FundaMorgan enlisted Verbo to develop a campaign emphasizing the reactions of our bodies to virtual threats and real-world dangers. An affecting film shows how digital gender violence transcends the virtual realm.

Toyota Australia, 'An Unbreakable Connection'

Next, an amusing and oddly touching story from Saatchi & Saatchi about a couple's separation. The enduring bond between Toyota HiLux owners and their trucks takes center stage.

Kyivstar, 'I Am Coming Home'

The Ukrainian telecom collaborated with Shots to create a poignant message. The narrative unfolds around a young woman who enlists in the military. Little does she imagine the unexpected turn her journey will take.

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