Global Goodies From KFC, McDonald's, Sumsub and More

Repping Japan, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Brazil and Saudi Arabia

Each week, Muse sibling Ads of the World curates great work from far and wide.

Greenbaton, 'MyWear'

In a fanciful brand film created by Party for Green Baton, we follow the journey of an outgrown jacket as it seeks one final outing with its owner.

McDonald's 'The Taste of Perfect Inspiration'

McDonald's burgers created by chef Iosif Ștefănescu add some high-steppin' spice to life. Seasoned to perfection by DDB Romania.

Sumsub, 'The Beast'

It's hard to get work done with a beast lurking nearby, ready to pounce. This fun spot from Sumsub and electriclime° creates a nicely absurd  vibe to make a salient point:

Skånetrafiken, 'Crossing Borders Made Easy'

You don't need to blow up 100 balloons to get your Swedish vacation off the ground. Let transit company Skånetrafiken do the heavy lifting instead. That’s the message in a comic triptych from director Laura Hancock and Infab.

Decathlon, 'PEThletes'

Publicis Brazil tells the heartwarming tale of sports prostheses for dogs made from bottles collected from parks.

KFC, 'Crunchin' Cheese Fried Chicken'

In a move that's set to shake up taste buds, KFC and TBWA\RAAD join forces with Cheetos to unveil the culinary hybrid you never knew you needed.

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