Global Campaign Goodness From KFC, Telstra, Beko and More

Repping Germany, Australia, Portugal, Mexico

Here are some great campaigns that recently broke across the globe, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World.

Beko, 'Inheritance'

Which of the spoiled heirs will inherit grandfather's most prized possession? And what, exactly, is the item in question? Find out in this fun spot from VML for Beko.

Telstra, 'Is This a Pointless Ad?'

Telstra teamed up with agency +61/Bear Meets Eagle on Fire to create a truly pointless ad ... with a point, natch. It can be two things!

Porto Editora, 'Thank You'

Porto Editora and Coming Soon Lisboa deliver a powerful message: Good teachers can make a huge and lasting difference in someone's life.

Mercado Pago, 'The Bored Ape Spokesperson'

Mercado Pago presents the perfect creature to talk about safe and realistic investing. Still, he probably shouldn't get behind the wheel. Created by GUT Mexico City.

KFC, 'Beyond the Sea'

Ogilvy South Africa brings us the story of a researchers on a remote island. Inspired by a video call, they demonstrate just how far people will go for the taste of KFC.

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