Exceptional Work From South Africa, China and Brazil

With Old Spice, Huawei, Migros

Here are some great campaigns that broke across the globe in recent weeks, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World.

MTN Telecom, 'Babies'

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris from South Africa shows us how wee ones can help solve all the world's big problems.

Project Lab Georgia, 'Time to Change the Tide!'

There's Lots of weird stuff going on in the woods in this wacky campaign. Follow the "Hallo Wave," sweeping in with positive vibes and adventure.

Huawei, 'Sparked by Nature'

Huawei and Insight Group China invite us to venture where we can breathe freely and embrace our fondest dreams.

Migros, 'An Extraordinary Pack of Chips'

A cyclops steals a town's perfect potato. Pursued by an angry mob, he brings his prize to a mad scientist's lair. That's when things get weird. From Dissidence.

Danish Health Authority, 'The Monster'

The DHA wants you to know that monsters have invaded your children's bedrooms. Creepy stuff from Advice A/S.

Old Spice, 'Warriors'

Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo and Old Spice present an anime where two powerful warriors fight the stinky forces of evil. Watch the full series here.

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