Elite Ads From the UAE, Bulgaria, Norway and Singapore

From airlines and IT to vaccines and more

Here are some great campaigns that broke across the globe in recent weeks, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World.

Singapore Airlines, 'A Lens on World Class'

Follow Julia Nimke as she travels to her exhibit at the Leica Gallerie via Singapore Airlines. There's just one catch: She must shoot, curate and edit the exhibit on a flight at 30,000 ft.

USAID, 'Team Vaccine'

Khanga Rue and USAID leveraged the AFCON tournament to reach soccer fans and encourage Covid-19 vaccinations across Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Farm Bagri, 'The Dairy Artist'

In this silly romp, Bulgarian agency Gobox proclaims that Farm Bagri's taste is akin to art. You must experience it firsthand to truly grasp its essence. So, let's all dance in a field!

Norwegian Directorate for Children, 'The Unthinkable Transfer'

The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, in collaboration with Atyp, urges men to welcome foster children in this heartwarming PSA.

TOPdesk, 'IT Heroes'

Our world can't survive without IT professionals. So, why aren't they celebrated as heroes? This question sparked the latest fanciful campaign from software company TOPdesk and TBWA\Neboko.

One Za'abeel

British filmmaker Hopi Allard celebrates the downtown landmark and its breathtaking visual delights in epic fashion. From production company electriclime° and Kerzner International.

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