Creative Gems from Latvia, Mongolia, Kenya and More

Featuring Budget Direct, Bhima Jewels and Shoppy

Here are some great campaigns that broke across the globe in recent weeks, curated by Muse sibling Ads of the World...

Budget Direct, 'Loch Mess Monster'

303 MullenLowe Sydney presents the story of a "typical" Aussie pool cleaner who comes to life after a lightning strike and wreaks havoc on a family home:

Meru Dairy, 'Mama Milkah'

Tessera Communications introduces a captivating tale nestled in the scenic Mount Kenya region. Meet Mama Milkah, the beloved mascot of Mt. Kenya Milk, as she guides us on a journey from farm to table, forging heartfelt connections along the way:

If Coconut Water, 'If You Like Me, 'Like' Me!'

This jazzy film showcases just how versatile a logo can be. It morphs into an elephant's trunk, a set of high heels and more. Created for the Chinese and Thai markets by Banana Balloon:

Bhima Jewels, 'Made to Celebrate You'

Bhima tapped Indian film star Sobhita Dhulipala as its chief brand ambassador. The partnership signifies a significant evolution for the category, inspiring shimmery ads from FCB Ulka:

McDonald's, 'Disturbing Attraction'

TBWA Latvia faced the challenging task of capturing the hearts and wallets of Gen Z. This generation appears somewhat immune to advertising and resistant to most mainstream appeals. But can they resist the allure of low prices?

Shoppy, 'Not So Complicated'

In contemporary Mongolia, daily challenges like heavy traffic and climate extremes can make life arduous. Shoppy and agency Timon acknowledge this state of affairs and vow to lower stress levels where possible:

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