Combing the Globe For Great Ads From VW, Heineken and More

Repping the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Australia, Mexico

Each week, Muse sibling Ads of the World curates a selection of breakthrough ads from far and wide.

Supercell, 'Boomiversary'

Nothing's what it seems as an amazing diorama comes to life for Finnish gaming giant Supercell. Prepare to experience "Boom Beach" in this gem developed with Waste Creative.

Surfshark, 'The Cloak of Invisibility'

From the Netherlands: An unexpectedly audacious take on privacy with enough twists and turns for three campaigns.

Bashundhara City Mall, 'Ultimate Destination for Shopping'

Is this the very best mall day ever? Watch the dazzling work below, created by Libanza Limited, to find out.

Volkswagen, 'RooBadge'

A seemingly simple device that fits snugly over a VW's front badge could save countless kangaroos and Australian drivers. Created by DDB Sydney.

Heineken, 'When you Drive, Never Drink!'

"The best driver is the one who does not drink unless it is Heineken 0.0." The beer giant and brand ambassador Checo Perez demonstrate this point a compelling social experiment.

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