#WFH Diaries: Lora Stock of DDB Chicago

As lockdowns linger in most parts of the world, we're chatting with creative people to see how they're faring. Here, we check in wth Lora Stock, group director of social at DDB Chicago.

Give us a one-line bio of yourself.

Next-gen storyteller, unapologetic nerd, dog mom, and social media strategist.

Where are you living right now, and who's with you?

I'm hunkered down in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood. My flatmates include my husband Ken (a creative director), our wonder mutts Chloe and Darby, and Lemonade the goldfish.

What's your work situation like at the moment?

Business as usual in an unusual way. Technology makes it possible to keep things moving, but it is a little odd when my husband's making pancakes just off screen. That said, it's nice having him as a creative sounding board.

Describe your socializing strategy.

We recently moved here from Detroit and this is our first time without a yard in years. So, we host Zoom happy hours from the apartment's 5-by-5-foot balcony. The space includes: a flower box, beer cooler, garden gnome (I spent some time on the Travelocity account), and mini lawn from Fresh Patch.

How are you dealing with childcare?

No kiddos here, but we are taking the pups for lots of walks. More time at home equals more Beggin' Strips. I read somewhere that canines evolved puppy dog eyes to woo their humans—definitely true.

What are you reading?

I read before bed and have an audiobook going during the day. Currently on my list: Educated, Radical Candor, Whisper Network, Over The Top, and Creative Quest. We also unearthed a stack of comics and Mad Magazines. Flipping through them is like visiting an old friend.

What are you watching?

We only have one TV which makes for an eclectic queue: Ozark, The Office, Insecure, Tiger King, Rick and Morty, The Golden Girls, Fleabag, Better Call Saul, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the Real Housewives of NYC.

What are you listening to?

If it were up to me, we'd listen to the Rushmore soundtrack on repeat. Luckily, Ken has a pretty extensive record collection. He's been on a '90s tear lately: Beastie Boys, Nirvana, 2Pac, Radiohead, Weezer and Prince.

How are you staying fit?

In addition to the above-mentioned walks, I'm doing my best not to bring a lot of snacks into our home. The first week of quarantine, I bought a box of Fruit Gushers and it was gone within an hour.

Have you taken up a hobby?

Ken is learning a new programing language and I've been working on my fist novella. We've been playing WoW Classic and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fun fact: we enjoy listening to audiobooks while we play.

Any tips for getting necessities?

We've been trying to use what we already have in the pantry/freezer and then supplement with Cooked, a local meal delivery service. Also, we may have ordered premixed cocktails from Grubhub a time or two.

An awkward moment since all this started.

An unknown woman and I exited our restroom stalls. We started to wash our hands. Five happy birthdays later, I finally had to take an L. That was the first time I experienced competitive handwashing.

Best work email you got since all this started.

"Opening day is coming..."

An aha! moment since all this started.

We legit needed toilet paper, but the shelves at our local grocery were completely bare. So, my husband grabbed a couple boxes of tissues. Bonus? They're pre-measured and I don't have to change the roll.

What's your theory on how this is going to play out?

It's hard to predict an end date, but I suspect wanderlust and innovation are on the horizon. I hope a little compassion, too.

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Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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