#WFH Diaries: Agent/Rep Nikki Weiss

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, we're checking in with folks in the creative industry to see how they're doing. In this installment, we speak with agent/rep Nikki Weiss.

Give us a one-line bio of yourself.

Agent/rep founder of Nikki Weiss & Co; a strategic liaison for over 26 years between directors, production companies, post and animation houses servicing ad agencies, brands, network, cable and streamers. Founding member of Free the Bid/Free the Work.

Where are you living right now, and who's with you?

I live in Encino, California, with my wife and two children. 

What's your work situation like at the moment?

Working from my home office, helping agencies and brands with their messaging needs through user-generated content, animation and post solutions while traditional production remains shut down.

Describe your socializing strategy.

I've been engaging in a lot of FaceTime and Zoom girls' nights, Marco Polo's, amazing group text chains, Facebook, Instagram...

How are you dealing with childcare?

My wife and I have been splitting duties, although she's been doing most of the heavy lifting. She's been incredible helping to homeschool our 7-year-old, while I take over in the late afternoon with our 4-year-old, trying to keep him busy while working at the same time.

What are you reading?

A lot of children's books to my 4-year-old! The Giving Tree remains my favorite, especially during this time.

What are you watching?

Little Fires Everywhere. For levity, Will & Grace. And just to keep my mind off everything and for some feel-good stories, I might be switching between American Idol and The Voice, but you didn't hear that from me.

What are you listening to?

The MakeDown podcast from my favorite celeb makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg. And of course all of my favorite R&B artists to get me though … Jill Scott, Chaka Khan, Maxwell, Anastacia...

How are you staying fit?

Chasing my kids! 

Have you taken up a hobby?

I've been playing the piano more.

Any tips for getting necessities?

Amazon and Insta Cart are my best friends right now.

An awkward moment since all this started.

Getting an email from a live-action production company overseas asking me to sign them for representation in the U.S. Umm… not the best time right now.

Best work email you got since all this started.

A CCO emailing me that he values our relationship and would be reaching out to me soon for alternative creative production solutions. And I so needed to hear that when it hit my inbox.

An aha! moment since all this started.

Sweats are way more comfortable than jeans, I'm a really good manicurist, and teachers need to get paid MORE!

What's your theory on how this is going to play out?

I think we'll see traditional production change in terms of the number of allotted individuals allowed on a set at one time. I also believe that more video villages will become remote real-time options as well. I know our industry will survive this as long as companies can remain nimble and efficient without large overheads.

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Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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