Kristen Heglin

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Location • Title

Chicago • Junior Art Director


One-sentence bio

A class of 2020 graduate who has been dealt a tough hand. But, I try and use my daily walks around the block to keep my creativity flowing, and not get myself down. I'm born and raised in Chicago, but I know the world is my oyster and I'm open to moving pretty much anywhere that recognizes the potential within me.

Creative philosophy or approach

Even the most mundane brands have a creative solution that sends that shiver up your spine, letting you know you've cracked the code.

Recent work I’m proud of

For Calphalon non-stick pans, how could I show it's non-stick feature in a way that didn't want to make people cringe or roll their eyes?

Link to campaign:

Kristen Heglin  recent work

Recent work I admired

It was for Greenpeace by Ogilvy, and it visually connected the problem of pollution with it's direct consequence. It's beautifully sad.

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