A Day in the Life of Michelle Ross of Superprime Films

Tales of a Cleveland Browns fan in Los Angeles

Sales has been something I have done since I was 18. It started with selling cars to get myself through college. I have a work ethic like no other. I like to be busy, work hard, and—as anyone who knows me can attest—have a little fun. Still, achieving any kind of work/life balance can be a juggle.

My day starts every morning in bed with my kids, cats, computer and a cup of coffee. I spend the morning answering emails, chatting with the kids about their day ahead, and giving them as many hugs and kisses as they will allow. 

Then, the juggle begins … making breakfast and lunches, attacking my kids with sunblock (we live in Los Angeles), all while listening to conference calls. Then the kids are off to school and I'm off to work (which means sitting in traffic on more calls). I have to give my husband some props here too—I can't take all the credit. He takes on a day or two so I can get in a workout, which is essential for my brain. 

Once at work, organized chaos ensues. Superprime is still a relatively young company, so we have to hustle. Booking a job is not always easy and the competition is real these days, so we use our morning meetings to stay on top of things and delegate calls, treatments, sales and director-sitting. I'm in everyone's face all the time, much to their dismay. 

I have a great work wife, also known as my partner Rebecca Skinner, whom I have worked with since the beginning of time. We wear many hats, as do our amazing EPs and staff. Being an owner of a company is a unique kind of challenge. The sense of investment is different—I'm always all-in. It feels so rewarding when you win that job that you know is going to take a director to the next level. I truly love what I do and the people I work with. 

When the workday comes to an end, I shed a small tear at the thought of my dreaded drive home in crazy traffic, but I take a deep breath, jump in the car and put on some music. I like to listen to glam rock—Guns N' Roses, Poision and Motley Crue. Believe it or not, I still go to all of these concerts when they tour. There is nothing like a good rock ballad! 

Once home, I turn off my phone and give the next couple of hours to my kids. Those hours before bedtime are just for them. 

Saturdays are crazy. Between the boys' social life and sports, we're going from practices to games to tournaments and birthday parties. I kinda love the madness. And then … Sunday is the day I get to cook, which I love, or my husband grills up something fabulous. We just chill and hang out. 

Everyone has an obsession. Mine happens to be my love for the Cleveland Browns. The Dawg Pound!! I don't need to point out they are the worst team in the NFL. However, our luck seems to finally be turning around, as we recently won our first game in 635 days! Go Brownies!! 

They have been a Sunday ritual in my family since I was a kid. Maybe it's the underdog thing, or maybe it's the fact that the fans are so damn loyal it truly inspires me. I go to every home opener, and my husband and I meet some of my high school friends at one away game a year. Somewhere fun like Miami or New Orleans. 

When the kids are off to bed, I end up every night in the same place I started … in bed, this time with the hubby, catching up on my emails with a cup of tea (or wine). 

It took some years to work out my own internal struggle, but I can honestly say I finally feel pretty balanced, and that I give each part of my life 100 percent when I'm in the moment, which is key. Believe me, I am not perfect, I slip up, but you can only do the best you can do. 

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Michelle Ross
Michelle Ross is co-founder and managing director/head of sales for Superprime Films.

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