Big Game: Google Runs Pixel 7 Play with Doja, Giannis, Schumer

Even celebs need help taking great photos

Doja Cat, Giannis Antetokoumnpo and Amy Schumer are just like the rest of us, at least in one respect: Sometimes, their digital photos don't come out just right, and a certain amount of sweetening is required.

Never fear, glamorous celebs (and everyone else). Google's Pixel 7 packs editing features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, so you can spruce up images all day long.

To make this point, Big G cast the three stars in a :90 Super Bowl ad created by its in-house team. Set to a version of "Unchained Melody," the peppy product demo puts fixes to various pics. Though some of the photos, like a beach scene with Silly Speedo Dude in the background, seem more chill without edits.

The approach feels less glitzy than some previous Pixel campaigns. It's certainly simpler than last year's Big Game spot with Lizzo, which introduced a new song.

Does 2023's entry, running during the 2nd quarter, make Cat, Antetokoumnpo and Schumer more relatable? Does that vibe translate to the Pixel 7, making the device and its features more appealing to the masses?

At any rate, the stars don't dominate the proceedings. Instead, they take supporting roles in the Pixel pitch. Sure, they're incredibly famous. But they they need photo assistance, just like their fans, and Google's got the whole crew covered.

Daryl Butler, VP, U.S. devices & service marketing at the tech giant, explains the strategy:

"We all have that one picture that’s almost perfect," he says. "Mine is of me and Michael Jordan at NBA All-Star weekend back in the day. This photo would have been on my wall instead of just on my phone all these years if I could have tweaked it, just a little. And now I can, with just a few taps right from my Pixel 7 Pro."

"I know so many others who share a similar story, which is why this year's Super Bowl ad, 'Fixed on Pixel,' takes a lighthearted look at those photos we all have that need a little bit of fixing."

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