Zendaya and On Footwear Put Dreams Into Vibrant Motion

Launching a multi-year collab

Zendaya and a troupe of dancers dazzle in "Dream Together," celebrating movement and sports with a stylized :60 set on a running track and directed by choreographer C. Prinz through Smuggler.

The Swiss sportswear brand treats us cascading bodies in motion, an exhilarating experience befitting On's standing as a sneaker du jour for Gen Z.

If Busby Berkeley were alive today ... he'd be 128 years old. And he'd surely applaud the creative approach.

On | Dream Together

"I owe so much to the people around me for getting me to where I am and this film recognizes and appreciates those who support and uplift us every day," Zendaya says in campaign materials. "I think this feeling of collaboration and inclusiveness shines through in what we’ve created."

Dropping worldwide today, the film kicks off a multiyear collaboration with Zendaya. The actress and fashion icon makes a fine fit for the brand. Both appeal to the same youthful audience, and they're trending in a positive way.

Plus, the video does well to focus on a vibe rather than bogging down with shots and descriptions of kicks. On runs in the space between style and performance. "Dream Together" reflects that reality and tosses in some affirmative feels to boot.

"We've been massive admirers of Zendaya's ability to inspire a generation and dream big," says On co-founder David Allemann. "We can’t think of a better partner to help us grow, evolve and connect with people around the world than Zendaya. This film is the beginning of more stories to come and we are eager to bring in new and distinctive voices alongside Zendaya to continue our mission to dream together."

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