You Can Still Boo Roger Goodell Before the NFL Draft, Thanks to Bud Light

Tradition endures, for a good cause

Boo, Roger Goodell, boo! A billion times, boo!

Like death and taxes, fans taunting the NFL commissioner before the first pick of the NFL Draft has become one of life's sure things.

Of course, with the Covid-19 pandemic raging, and this Thursday's draft kickoff set to take place at ESPN's Bristol, Conn., studios without an audience, fans won't be able to hurl invectives in person.

But thanks to Bud Light, they can vent their spleens over social media by recording themselves booing with the tags @budlight and #BooTheCommish. For each use of the latter through April 25, Bud will donate $1 to the league's Draft-A-Thon Covid-19 relief efforts, up to $500,000.


Watch Rog feel the hate in the clip below, viewed 1.5 million times on Twitter in less than a day:

Aw, the commish was a good sport. Makes you want to cheer the guy … not! (We're pretty sure we heard Tom Brady in there somewhere, maybe catcalling from the back row?)

Here are some creative boo-birds for you to enjoy:

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