Woe, Canada: No Stanley Cup Winner Since 1993

Boston Pizza skates in with a solution (of sorts)

Screens shatter and wires fly as hockey fans smash their TV sets and radios across Canada.

Yep. It's NHL Playoffs time again. And our northern neighbors are feeling a tad frustrated, as no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993.

Boston Pizza would like to make a suggestion: Canada's fans should unite, and root for all of their nation's teams in the playoffs.

It's a radical concept. But what the heck. Might stave off the heartache of defeat for at least another round.

Boston Pizza | Team Up for the Win

"On set, our executive producer ran over multiple old TVs with a pick-up truck," recalls Mike Blackmore, creative director at Camp Jefferson, which developed the campaign. "The Samsung in particular proved to be both impressively and annoyingly durable." (Take that, Sony!)

Here's an idea: How about Boston Pizza—which is based in Richmond, B.C., and operates just a handful of U.S. locations—changing its name to Canada Pizza for a few weeks? Always just a little bit confusing.

Anyhoo, it's a cute campaign that pretty accurately captures the heartbreak of true sports fans. Nice use of music, too, with the obscure "Suzanna" by Donald S. Seigal and Bill Baker adding to the melancholy mood.

Even mega team boosters like the Maple Leafs' Dart Guy and Canucks' Green Men get in on the action:

Boston Pizza | Superfans

Aw, now they're pals.

"The funny thing is that despite our competitiveness, we've all been suffering together for decades,” says Ian Barr, SVP and strategy head at Camp Jefferson. "For a brand that's about bringing people together, we thought it would be fun to leverage that shared suffering."

Such a polite, friendly solution. How Canadian!

"The actors were given direction to react the way they would if they were interacting with someone from their nemesis team, so all the reactions are genuine," says James Kawalecki, VP marketing at Boston Pizza.

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Client: Boston Pizza
SVP Marketing & Communications: Peter Blackwell
Vice President, Marketing: James Kawalecki
Director of Marketing: Niels van Oyen
Marketing Manager, On-Premise: Sean Megna
Associate Marketing Manager, On-Premise: Taylor Campbell

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PR: Heads & Tales
Media Agency: UM 

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