Washing Machine Brand 'Cleanses' Juventus Jerseys of Sponsorships

DM9's blast from soccer's past

Everything's an ad these days. Even the absence of advertising.

Brazilian soccer squad Atlético Juventus, one of the nation's most iconic clubs, recently rocked jerseys without a single sponsor logo. What's the world coming to!

The scrubbed shirts promote Consul, a maker of dishwashers. Only the team's crest plus player names and numbers remain:

Consul | Clean Sponsorship

"The team shirts were initially designed to be seen that way, clean," says Icaro Doria, COO and co-president of DM9, which developed the activation. "That's why a sponsorship without any logo display, not even Consul's, managed to create an even stronger relationship with the team and fans."

So much unvarnished real-estate. It feels sacrilegious. Pulsing neon QR codes would spruce things up real good.

Never fear. Given the 100-year-old club's lucrative shirt deals, that look wasn't going to last long. Sponsors will return to jerseys in March.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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