VW Transformed One of Its Cars Into a Soccer Goalpost

Heartfelt Gol tribute from AlmapBBDO

Volkswagen Brazil and AlmapBBDO deserve bonus points for their profound send-off honoring the VW Gol. That iconic best-seller, which inspired adoration on par with America's love for the Beetle, recently ceased production after 42 years.

Now, Gol means "goal" in Portuguese, and VW—with other models named Polo and Golf—has long backed sports worldwide. So, in a fitting tribute, the automaker transformed one of its final Gols into a goalpost at venerated Vila Belmiro stadium. That's the home of Santos F.C., the all-time planetary leader in gooooooooals! with close to 13,000 (including 1,091 by uber-legend Pelé).

"Just like football, the Gol is a national passion—it's found a place in Brazilians' hearts, and it deserved a farewell that did justice to its stature," says Livia Kinoshita, VW executive director of marketing and communications.

So, they dismantled a Gol and melted down key parts in a furnace at 1,000ºF. The resulting Golpost debuted in a Santos win over Mirasssol.

"A symbol that unforgettable had to be immortalized," says legendary forward Edu. "The team with the most goals in the world, the country with the most Gols in the world, all sharing the same Vila Belmiro—the same home."

The very special goalpost will now reside at the venue's victory museum, emblazoned with a QR code that links to video testimonials from Santos stars, who discuss their personal connection to the car. (The club once awarded Edu a Gol for his stellar play.)


Product: Gol
Agency: AlmapBBDO
President and CEO: Filipe Bartholomeu

CCOs: Luiz Sanches and Pernil
ECDs: Fernando Duarte and Henrique Del Lama
Creatives: Igor Cabó, Pedro Hefs
Client Approval: Livia Kinoshita, Cristiano Mineiro, Arthur Rocha, Eduardo Wolfsohn
Audiovisual Production: Diego Villas Bôas, Vera Jacinto, Murillo Moretti e Paula Buzzi
Liaisons: Christiano Bock, Mariana Nanes, Stephanie Gasparini, Juliana Stern
Planning: Sergio Katz, Bruno Ortiz Machado, Lavieri Junior

Media: Rafaela Alves, Luana Gallizzi, Everton Maciel
Content: Cristiana Uehara, Hannamy Layla, Samanta de Melo, Beatriz Amâncio          
Production: ilha 253
Stage Manager: Henrique Tupã
DP: Eduardo Auricchio
Editing: ilha 253
Executive Producers: Prisma Cultural e Carol Kern
Assistant Directors: Ba Silveira e Isabella Woelpl
Liaison: Beatriz Prado
Costuming Production: Karina Kohatsu
1st Assistant Camera: Alex Amati
2nd Assistant Camera: Brenno Carvalho
Video Assist: Jeferson Médice
Logger: Rebeca dos Santos
Direct Sound: Alfredo Guerra
Transmission: Guilherme Florian
Crane: Felipe Ramos
Drone: Henrique Moraes
Gaffer: Antonio de Souza Neto
Color: Clandestino
Colorist: João Paulo Geraldo
Post-production: ilha 253
Sound Production: GANSO MUSIC
Composition and Musical Production: Cezar Brandão Sound
Design: Equipe Ganso Music
Mix and Master: Equipe Ganso Music

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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