Tyson Fury Joins Don McLean for a Fresh Take on 'American Pie'

A musical one-two punch

Tyson Fury famously sang "American Pie" during a post-fight interview after defeating Deontay Wilder in 2020. That moment went down in boxing history, and "American Pie" became the heavyweight champ's unofficial theme-song.

Now, Fury joins the tune's writer and original performer, Don McLean, for a fresh, truncated take. The track promotes BT Sport Box Office's presentation of Fury's bout against Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium on April 23.

Here's a thirty-second sampler:

Tyson Fury x Don McLean: American Pie Teaser

Thankfully, Don does most of the singing, with Fury joining on the chorus. The Gypsy King can't carry a tune. (But please don't tell him we said that!)

The full remake runs three minutes. That's 5:42 shorter than McLean's 1971 mega-hit version, which became an enduring anthem for the post-Woodstock generation.

Tyson Fury x Don McLean: Amercian Pie Promo

"American Pie" has enjoyed a renaissance tied to its 50th anniversary celebration last year, and McLean will launch a 35-date tour of Europe starting in September.

There's no word on whether Fury will join him on stage at some point, maybe during the tour's U.K. leg. It'd be ... knockout publicity! (Big-T's all about the music. A few years back, he contributed guest vocals to "Bad Sharon," a Christmas offering from Robbie Williams.)

The McLean-Fury "American Pie" will ring out at Wembley for some 95,000 fans on Saturday, providing an evocative (if geographically confused) preamble to the highly anticipated all-British world title fight.

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