Flirt Skirts: StellaV Heats Up the Tennis Court

Insert your jokes about balls, love and matches right here

Who's up for tennis?

StellaV sure is—way up—and the brand engaged Eva Michon to craft a titillating campaign to prove it. The director conceived the short film below with Kaylie Schiff, who designed the new line of high-end skirts on display.

Actress Charlet Duboc stars and narrates. She offers overheated lines—perhaps we should call them passing shots—like, "That dance on the court, it's sexy, also brutal, tender, sweet."

StellaV | The Tennis Date

"This is not a typical commercial," says Michon. "It is meant to get people excited about this new brand" and "deliver a sense of the character" without giving too much away.

She took an unexpected approach, sleek yet self-aware. It's a cute play for the tennis set with goofy innuendo that might score points with a broader audience, too.

"The story is based on real-life," says Schiff, who created the skirts as a tribute to her mom, who taught her the game. "I love tennis. I was raised on it, and I actually did go on tennis dates for a period, because I couldn't relate to the modern dating scene. So that was the inspiration."

Also, "The film is a teaser for a TV series project I've been developing based on the same idea."

You cannot be serious! (She is.)

The campaign broke this week across digital and social channels.


Directed by Eva Michon
Written by Kaylie Schiff

Charlet Duboc
Mickey Schiff
Brad Oberhofer
Ethan Dawes
Anders Wahlquist
Matthew Frost
Free Winfrey
Arnaud Uyttenhove
Jonny Mandabach
Theo Martins
Nick Thorburn
Danny Gabai
Jeff Magid
Willo Perron
Olivier Babin
Gordon Winarick
Mcabe Gregg
Eyal Booker

Director Of Photography
Kevin Phillips

Wardrobe Stylist

Wardrobe Assistant
Joey Sigala

Hair And Make-Up
Ksenia Reshetnikova

Stills Photography
Kava Gorna

Ball Boy
Wyatt Garfield

Phantom Tech
Charles Bergquist

Production Assistants
Catie Spencer

Adam Volpo

Mikka Quinsac At Common Good

Sound Design
Martin Dekenyan

Title Design 
Colin Bergh

Clint Homouth at Artjail

"Les Paniteurs" Op. 183 By Emile Waldteufel, 1882

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