Silk Ultra Brings Out the Beast in Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman

You don't need meat to build muscle

Clearly, Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman are beasts when it comes to swimming and gymnastics.

Now, these Olympic legends run with powerful animals—gorillas, elephants, rhinos and stallions—in Lightning Orchard's latest spots touting Silk Ultra plant-based protein beverages.

Phelps leaves the pool but still winds up soaked, with sweat, in a grueling desert run:

Silk ULTRA: Beasts

And here, Raisman teaches a weighted ball who's boss:

Silk ULTRA: Power

"We were inspired by the simple fact that some of the world's strongest animals are actually herbivores, powered by a plant-based diet," says Andrew Hartshorn, senior vice president at Silk parent Danone. "We're trying to convey that you don't need a giant steak or a tall glass of milk to build muscle or tap into your inner beast, because Silk Ultra delivers 20 grams of complete plant-based protein per serving."

To our ears, the voiceovers from Damien B. Davis channel a Ving Rhames Arby's vibe. But Silk does NOT have the meats—no way!

The approach feels a tad campy, perhaps unintentionally so. Still, the message comes through loud and clear—like a beastly roar.  

"You may be picking up on some old-school nature-documentary vibes," Hartshorn says of the campaign's style. "We wanted to keep it simple, entertaining and differentiated from some of the other protein beverages out there."

Silk also provides added value with a contest offering home exercise equipment during these Covid times.

Prize packs include free weights, foam rollers, 20-pound kettlebells, resistance bands, on-the-go blenders—and a year's worth of Silk Ultra. You're asked to sweat for such swag by completing one of the 10-minute sessions below. Phelps hosts one, and Aly the other:

After perspiring for 600 seconds—honor system, people!—you can snap a selfie and tell Silk how plant-based options help drive your workout.

Through the sweepstakes, the brand hopes to "inspire and equip athletes with the tools and protein they need to keep crushing their fitness goals" and drive user engagement, Hartshorn says.

During the pandemic's first wave last May, Silk and Lightning Orchard teamed up for this whimsical remote-control delivery.


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