SAS Made an A.I. Batting Cage That Teaches Kids About Data

The program helped improve their swings, too

Keep that front leg straight! Finish your swing! Follow the ball with your arms and straighten them out! One day, you'll work in Silicon Valley!

Leveraging kids' love for baseball, software brand SAS built an A.I.-powered batting cage designed to improve youngsters' hitting technique—and teach them about the real-world applications of data science.

Via cameras and sensors, the "Batting Lab" analyzed the stances and follow-throughs of 11 kids, ages 9-13, over several weeks. The swings of players from North Carolina State University's baseball and softball squads served as "optimal examples," providing comparison points.

As they honed their skills in the batter's box, fine-tuning launch angles, bat speed and such, the kids got an up-close view of statistics solving highly relatable problems. Presumably, this gave them a taste for the tech jobs they might hold down in the future. (Sure, they'd rather play in the big leagues. But statistically speaking, that's pretty unlikely.)

You can check out the program below. (Dig those SASsy logo-caps and uniforms!)

"Over half of American kids play baseball and softball, but less than half understand data," says Kassandra Pollard, associate creative director at McCann New York, which developed the initiative. "So, when we uncovered the fact that the ability to read, work with, and communicate using data will be the most in-demand job skill by 2030, we knew we had to do something to help."

In a broader sense, the push, timed to Major League Baseball's All-Star Game festivities next week, probes the data literacy gap among today's youth, and seeks to spark conversations addressing such issues. There's even a "Data Playbook" with guidance and worksheets for kids and parents designed to boost their confidence in using analytics.

Ultimately, the Batting Lab targets SAS's core audience: technologists, executives and decision makers with purchasing authority at companies large and small. It portrays the brand as forward-thinking team player helping the next generation step up to the plate.

Riding earned and owned media, campaign elements will run through the fall across Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and various OLV platforms, with amplification from ESPN and Sports Illustrated, plus an MLB sponsorship and coverage from Reuters during the World Series.


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