Reynolds and McElhenney Host Wrexham AFC Pajamas Reveal

The soccer kit you take to bed

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are throwing a pajama party. And we're all invited ... if we book premium cabins on United Airlines long-haul international flights.

The P.J.s and amenities kits (filled with toiletries and such) boast the colors and crest of Wrexham AFC. Ryan and Rob co-chair the Welsh football squad which, of course, has gained worldwide notoriety through Welcome to Wrexham on FX.

R&R contribute their trademark jokey banter to the :40 below, which spoofs soccer kit reveals. (Indeed, the pajamas resemble team uniforms.)

Wrexham AFC Travel Kits

Last year, Ryan and Rob voiced an M&S holiday campaign which also featured apparel. (They played fuzzy mittens.)

The ubiquitous Reynolds showed up yesterday in a much different outfit, donning his Deadpool duds to promote Heineken Silver with Hugh Jackman starring as Wolverine. Marvel long ago churned out P.J.s based on those two characters, natch.

The marketing machine never sleeps. Sweet branded dreams guaranteed!

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