The Rest of the Story: Sleep Number Explores Comeback of L.A. Rams' Jordan Fuller

The NFL franchise calls another impressive marketing play

So far this season, Jordan Fuller's comeback with the L.A. Rams has been a dream come true, and the star safety says Sleep Number played a role in his recovery program.

We learn this in a 2-minute film developed by the brand and Rams Studios. Numerals appear throughout, beginning with "January 9, 2022," the date Fuller first went down with an injury. Ultimately, ankle and hamstring woes cost him to miss most of last year's games.

Other figures follow, including 82, 2,296 and 4,648. Those represent Jordan's s total weeks away from the team, plus his hours of rehab and sleep before returning to an elite level of play.

Directed by Adam Rolo, with Fuller providing narration, the clip explains that "recovery is a numbers game." It suggests that the restorative qualities of the athlete's Sleep Number bed played a role in his recuperation.

Sleep Number | A Numbers Game

Of course, getting enough rest on any mattress could only have helped. Still, Fuller really does kick back on a Sleep Number—80 percent of NFLers do, as it's a league sponsor—so it seems fitting for the brand to take some credit.

Besides, it's a stirring narrative, favoring sleek visuals and mostly avoiding sports cliches. Wisely, Sleep Number doesn't emerge as the hero, but as one factor that promoted healing.

"While the authentic integration of Sleep Number's technology into our recovery process is the foundation, this storytelling gives our fans a unique look into our partnership and the incredible commitment Jordan made to return to the field this season," says Rams chief commercial officer Jennifer Prince.

Near the end, Jordan recounts how his struggles put big life issues into perspective. Ultimately, it's a relatable tale of human resilience, faith and determination, reminding us to never count anyone out.

"Over the years, I've grown to realize how much more productive I can be throughout the hours I'm awake if I get the proper amount of rest," Fuller says in campaign materials. "When you add Sleep Number to the mix, it's a game changer."

The creative concept "came from how football is built around stats and how they can work for you or against you," Lexi Vonderlieth, VP, brand strategy for the Rams, tells Muse. "We wanted to show how these numbers serve as a motivator and Sleep Number was a perfect partner to work with this on."

"We started the 3D animation process by working with EA's Madden to get Jordan's Avatar from the game," she says. "But it was really sitting with Jordan and hearing his point of view of this journey" that drove the spot's look and feel.

Antek Karbowiak and Ellis Blake crafted the animation and VFX.

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