Paramount+ Teams Tony Romo With Josh Allen (and Shakespeare!) to Plug The NFL on CBS

'Do you know the theme of the book?'

Tony Romo's a class clown. He's a professor, too. And if you want an 'A' in his English Literature course, you should brush up on Shakespeare and The NFL on CBS.

The two topics aren't actually related, except in Paramount+ ads that broke last week from The Vault.

Romo asks: "Do you know the theme of the book?"

Naturally, the answer is: "The NFL on CBS streams live on Paramount+," and Tony gets Shakespearean to prove it.

Paramount+ | The NFL on CBS

It's a good thing Romo's a star NFL on CBS analyst, because there's no way he's getting tenure.

Invoking the Bard with lines like "The NFL on CBS streameth liveth" seems silly for silly's sake. Still, Tony's so darn likable, it works.

At one point, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen shows up via video call because cameo. And Romo's parting pun, ostensibly explaining the lit tie-in, will ring like sweet sorrow to some ears.

Recently, YouTube took its own jokey tack touting NFL Sunday Ticket. Both campaigns share a light touch, using humor to remind fans that game telecasts offer a fun escape from the grind.

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