Oakley Takes a Very Different Look at NFL Play in Flashy, Stylized Spot

Patrick Mahomes digs that vision thing

How would the game of football appear if you could see the action, as it unfolds on-field, through the eyes of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes?

Oakley answers that question, in highly stylized, hyperrealistic fashion, in a new film that celebrates the Luxottica eyewear brand's four-year deal with the National Football League. 

All 32 NFL teams can now use Oakley helmet shields with Prizm technology, which enhances details for optimal visibility. This marks the first time in more than 20 years that players will be allowed to wear tinted visors during games. What's more, Oakley will offer NFL-themed eyewear in men's and women's styles (equipped with Prizm, naturally). 

In a minute-long spot from Stept Studios director Leigh Powis, we view gameplay through Mahomes eyes, and his Oakley visor, as the league's reigning MVP throws a pass… 

See the Game Differently. See it in Prizm™. OAKLEY x NFL

…and the scene cuts to Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster making the catch. We then experience the game from his perspective, and, toward the end, that of Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James Jr. 

Seeing three players in different NFL uniforms apparently in the same game is, well … different. But Oakley wasn't aiming for realism. (Note the heavy use of slow-mo and other video-game style effects.) Rather, the ad commemorates its overarching NFL partnership, so the brand believes casting three top endorsers makes sense. 

"Showing the elevated Prizm crystal clarity was a challenge, because most POV cameras are smaller and lower quality than traditional cinema cameras," says Stept founder Nick Martini. "We approached this by building specialty POV rigs that could support cutting-edge large-format cameras—the Sony Venice and Phantom high-speed cameras. We then utilized a lot of CGI to fill the stadium with fans and create unique transitions." 

A laid-back version of Louis Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful World," performed by Kesha Shantrell especially for the film—mixed with recordings of stadium crowds singing the song—provides an intriguing contrast with the intense on-screen imagery. (Yes, the song's overly familiar from dozens of commercials, but it works well with the game plan here.) 

Oakley launched the film Monday night in New York City's Times Square, with the images flashing across multiple billboard screens:

"Our three hero players were all amazing to work with," Martini says. "JuJu seemed to have a great time on set, and ended up buying the whole film crew [100-plus people] dinner as a thank you at the end of the day." 

Mahomes, the NFL's star endorser du jour, managed to grab all the headlines.

"The day we shot with Pat, he actually threw a football out of the Chiefs' stadium and it went viral online," Martini says. 


Oakley Creative Director Chasen Marshall
Oakley Producer Erin Byrnes
Oakley Athlete Manager Ryan Evert
Product Marketing Manager (KC) Tamara Weinstein

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Kansas City Patrick Mahomes
Talent Extra Kaleb Prewett
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Chargers Derwin James
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Steeler Eric Straub
Giant Terrel Alex
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Giant Will Golberg
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Kansas City Saadiq Dicks
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Catering and Crafty

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Original Song Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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