Nike's Fun New Campaign Celebrates Failing Miserably at Sports

At least these stars tried something different

Can basketball star Sabrina Ionescu morph into a tennis ace the first time she picks up a racket? Will world-class sprinter Dina Asher-Smith score a hole in one as she learns to play golf?

Fat chance!

Nike shows these elite athletes—plus Paralympic champ Blake Leeper, singer/songwriter Rosalía and various weekend warriors—having big fun failing miserably at unfamiliar sport in a new spot from Widen + Kennedy Portland.

Play New | Nike

"Here's to going for it and being terrible," the :60 begins. "Here's to giving it a shot, even though your shot is garbage."

The point, of course, is that new experiences can prove immensely enjoyable and rewarding, even if you slip into the surf instead of shooting the curl, or skid off your skateboard onto the cold concrete. (Never fear, you've got kneepads!)

Along with the anthem film, upcoming entries in this "Play New" series feature Ionescu and Asher-Smith discussing how their early failures (and successes) helped shape their careers and build character.

The push in some ways mirrors W+K's new Olympics work for Procter & Gamble, which also focuses on the transcendent, life-affirming power of sports beyond scoring points or winning trophies.

"Sport is one of the greatest ways to watch our growth as human beings," says Nike global brand marketing VP Melanie Auguste. "As a kid, with my brothers, we would mimic the sports we saw on TV. One we did the most was the high jump. We had a bed with posts, so we would tie a string, and then we would take turns jumping over that. We would then go onto our cul-de-sac and run sprints. We had a pool, so then we'd try to do the butterfly. I'm pretty sure we were not doing it right. It was some form of just belly flops. All of that movement and play brought us so much joy."

Nike plans "Play New" AR lenses on Snapchat for virtual surfing, boxing, dancing and yoga, while TikTok creators wills share personal anecdotes about sports and movement.


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