Nike Travels 24 Years Through Time for FIFA Women's World Cup

Banana peel = temporal transporter

Wanna slip ahead through time about 24 years? Try sliding on a banana peel!

This method works fine in a new FIFA Women's World Cup spot from Nike, Wieden+Kennedy Portland and directing duo Alaska (Gustavo Moraes and Marco Laver).

The zany yet affecting film opens on a young father and daughter in 1999. They're watching the epic WWC final that culminated in Brandi Chastain's shirt-ripping celebration. Doofus dad exuberantly tears off his own top, natch—precipitating a fall.

He awakens in 2023, where his daughter, now grown, informs him: "The competition is better than ever."

Stars such as Ada Hegerberg, Alex Morgan, Asisat Oshoala, Chloe Kelly, Debinha, Megan Rapinoe and Wang Shuang appear. And the '23 version of Chastain pops up in a cute bit toward the end.

Mixing live action and animation, this approach feels fun and on point. It's a romp packed with player personalities and an agreeably light touch.

'"At Nike, we have always firmly believed that the voice of the athlete has the power to change the world," says Tanya Hvizdak, VP, global women's sports marketing. "For the last 50 years, we've worked with athletes who share our values and vision to move the world forward through the power of sport. As we look to the future, many of our female athletes have a fresh perspective and ambition to create even bigger change."

Ahead of the tournament, which begins this week, will also rolling out player-focused ads in assorted styles and textures:

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