Muppets' Electric Mayhem Band Rocks Out at Spotify

They're all about the music. (And free food!)

Free food! Free food! Nom nom nom nom!

Animal, the out-of-control drummer for Muppet band The Electric Mayhem, seems pleased to be cutting a new album with the group at Spotify. Especially when he discovers the complimentary snack buffet.

A security guide played by Bobby Moynihan shows them around. (Don't call him a "valet." He hates that.) Naturally, all kinds of antics ensure. Dr. Teeth and Zoot twist control-room knobs like maniacs, and Janice vibes on auras.

Rapper Rico Nasty, singer/songwriter Ashnikko and musician Orville Peck also appear. But no one upstages The Mayhem, and they lay down some tasty grooves in the end.

Call it soft rock. VERY soft. Because they're made of felt.

"I honestly was thrilled to work with The Electric Mayhem, but I was also a bit nervous as well, having never worked with the Muppets before," says Shaun Collings, who directed the clip through production company Fela. "However, once they stepped on set it was a wave of joyous emotions. The entire Muppet team are magicians. I went up and spoke to each band member just like any actor and surprisingly enough it felt incredibly natural. It was a dream come true."

Muppets Mayhem, a series about the band's "comeback," began streaming on Disney+ in May. Alas, it's garnered decidedly mixed reviews, though this short does a smart job of sending up rock-star documentaries.

In a broader sense, the work slots into a recent brand nostalgia craze that often focuses on music. Just a few examples include Malibu Rum's remake of "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)," Sprite's remix of "Rapper's Delight," and Goldfish's reworking of "Stay" as a snack anthem. (Animal would've devoured the bag!)


Director: Shaun Collings
Executive Producer: Taj Critchlow
Executive Producer/Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
COO: Dean Rosen
Head of Production: Amir Karimi
Integrated Producer: Mikayla Fasullo
Operations Manager: Olivia Swayze
Producer: Tina Chuldzhyan
Production Manager: Laura Goldenstein
Production Coordinator: Elle Malouf
1st AD: Todd Davidoff
DP: Kris Kachikis

Dr. Teeth: Bill Baretta
Animal: Eric Jacobson
Zoot: Dave Goelz
Janice: David Rudman
Lips: Peter Linz
Floyd Pepper: Matt Vogel
Security Guard/Aaron: Bobby Moynihan
Receptionist: Colette McIntyre
Engineer: William Garrett 

Executive Creative Director: Donna Lamar
Group Creative Director: Stevie Laux
Creative Director: Derek Wright
Creative Director: Colette McIntyre
Executive Producer: Gabija Blake
Senior Producer: Lily Nguyen
Senior Brand Manager: Mel Eisen
Partner Marketing Lead: Andrea Fernandes

Senior Vice President: David Abdo
Vice President, Sales & Digital: Karen Lieberman
Director, Marketing: Laura Gonzalez
Director, Sales & Digital: Lee Johnson

Muppets Team
Vice President: Leigh Slaughter
Executive producer & Performer: Bill Baretta
Producer: Michael Steinbach

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