MLS Kicks Off Fashion Play With Capsule Collection

Guillermo Andrade joins as creative adviser

A new pro event marks Major League Soccer's entrance into the world of fashion. 

The MLS Leagues Cup is a tournament between MLS and Mexico's LIGA MX. The competition arrives along with the appointment of Guillermo Andrade as creative adviser, a first for MLS. Andrade is founder and CD of men’s streetwear brand 424.

The inaugural event, which kicked off on Friday, sees all 47 first division clubs in the U.S., Canada and Mexico compete in a World Cup-style tournament across North America. It consists of 77 matches and runs through Aug. 19.

The MLS Leagues Cup also serves as a platform to bridge cultures within soccer's diverse landscape. To that end, Andrade's remit is to develop initiatives where soccer, fashion, design and art intersect. 

As a part of this push, Andrade has unveiled an exclusive 424 capsule collection through recreated, repurposed and reimagined Adidas styles.

Andrade's journey as an immigrant from Guatemala informs the project. Below, he details his role and discusses the impact he hopes to make on the world of football.

MUSE: This is MLS' entrance into fashion. Can you talk about what that means to you? 

I strive to establish a meaningful connection between creative practices (such as art, fashion) and the game, going beyond mere fandom and tapping into the essence of personal identity. Soccer is more than just a sport. It's an avenue through which individuals express their true selves.

Can you talk about founding 424? How does that dovetail with MLS?

Soccer has always been a profound inspiration in my work, making my involvement with the Leagues Cup and its objectives feel like a natural progression. What began as a retail concept in 2010 has organically transformed into the embodiment of my personal journey—a lifestyle brand known as 424. Along this journey, I have had the privilege of collaborating with partners in the football industry such as Hummel, Adidas, EA FIFA and Arsenal FC.Now, the stars have aligned once again, giving me a chance to continue the work I am passionate about, making soccer more accessible to all. 

Can you talk about the design element of the capsule collection?

I wanted the merchandise to be special and meaningful, both on and off the pitch. I collaborated with the incredibly talented Antonio Zaragoza, the founder of Liberal Youth Ministry based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Antonio is the first Mexican designer to showcase his creations on the official calendar for Paris Fashion Week. His brand has also gained global recognition. To make these exclusive items accessible to fans, the limited edition capsule collection will be available for purchase online, as well as at various pop-up events. Antonio and I will host two of these pop-ups, including one in L.A. on Aug. 1.

What is your goal with this effort? 

My aim is to demonstrate that there are an abundance of diverse roles within football that extend beyond being a professional player. I want to inspire others and emphasize that regardless of the path, there are countless ways to make a meaningful impact. 

What's brought you the most joy so far? 

It is an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to share my story with a wide audience who can truly benefit from hearing it. I am well aware that my immigrant experience, of crossing the desert in pursuit of a better life in America, is not unique. This humbling realization fuels my determination to utilize this platform to showcase and share my work on such a significant scale.

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