Michael Jordan and Caitlin Clark Revive a Gatorade Classic

Updating 'Is It In You?' for a new generation

When Gatorade asks "Is It In You?" ... the answer's as plain as the sweat on your face.

The PepsiCo brand revived its famous ad campaign during this week's NBA Western Conference Finals, with one of the game's living legends providing narration.

Michael Jordan voiced fresh installments of "Is It In You?" from TBWA\Chiat\Day. No. 23 starred in the original spots, which drove hard into the cultural zeitgeist during the 1990s and 2000s.

Those intense commercials connected Gatorade with elite athletes' obsessive desire to win. The reboot's similar, but rocks more diversity and a decidedly Gen-Z flavor.

Gatorade | It Hasn't Changed

Josh Allen, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, Jayson Tatum, A'ja Wilson and D.J. Lagway appear.

Their efforts pack considerable punch, and the deeper roster—with a focus on competitors overcoming life's challenges on their paths to glory—feels like a natural evolution.

"As the brand that has been on the sidelines fueling athletes for decades, we're committed to not only helping them stay in the game but also celebrating their unique 'it' (the quality that helps them persevere)," says Gatorade brand chief Anuj Bhasin.

"The return of 'Is It In You?' is about acknowledging how much the sports landscape has changed, while reminding athletes that one thing hasn't—the inner drive that fuels you—and that's what matters most."

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