Michael B. Jordan Propels Community Program for Fitness Water Brand

Nabil Elderkin directed the launch video

Michael B. Jordan sure wants to make you sweat.

In May, the Creed III star ran across a shimmying cityscape in CGI-driven ads to hype Gatorade's Propel Fitness Water. Now, MB returns for a fresh workout, hiking outdoors and doing yoga in support of "Propel Your City."

Developed with agency Invisible North, the initiative supports community organizations that foster fitness and well-being in cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and Detroit.

Propel Your City Project

Music video veteran Nabil Elderkin (Dua Lipa, Frank Ocean, John Legend) directed the spot. It takes a decidedly different direction than Jordan's fantastical debut for Propel. The new approach is more intimate and relatable, less of an extravaganza.

In fact, the :30—with diverse folks getting together on a hill—recalls an iconic soft-drink commercial from way back in the Watergate era. Here, however, instead of a sunny pop chorus about buying the world a Coke, we get an insistent track from Houston band Khruangin that ratchets up the intensity.

"Fitness has been an integral part of my life, but finding my community, and the sense of belonging within it, is what helped get me where I am today," Jordan says in press materials.

"That's the experience we're trying to unlock for others," he continues. "We're supporting those that are doing the work in their communities by creating spaces for people to connect and feel seen, and enabling others to reap the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of movement."

There's a sweepstakes, too, and folks can win $500 toward fitness memberships. (They'll perspire, and perhaps purchase more product in order to hydrate. The treadmill of commerce grinds on.)

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