Meta Salutes East African Cycling Team Touched by Hope and Tragedy

Memorializing Amani's recently fallen leader

Last Saturday, Kenyan cyclist Sule Kangangi died after a crash at The Overland gravel race in Vermont. Kangangi, 33, served as the captain of Team Amani, a cycling squad dedicated to promoting inclusivity and opportunities for East Africans.

"Amani" means "peace" in Swahili, and Kangangi's spirit shines on through his team and a short film from Droga5, which launched a few days ahead of Sule's tragic death.

Directed by Aus Taylor and Marleaux Desiré (aka, Illimiteworld) through production company Love Song, the clip combines music-video and mini-doc styles to show how Meta products and the metaverse help the team train, connect and overcome barriers.

More pointedly, the video—which now closes with an end-card memorializing Sule—captures the passion Kangangi instilled in his dozen charges and conveys the hope cycling brings to the lives of underserved people striving for dignity, identity and a better place in the world.


Droga5 senior art director Ben Muckensturm tells Muse that in the wake of the Kangangi tragedy, Team Amani "remains committed to realizing his ambitions." Those include seeing squad members race in the Tour de France, a topic discussed in the film.

The day after his death, the team posted this tribute on Instagram:


A post shared by Team AMANI (@teamamani)

There's a remembrance from Meta as well, and this drive on GoFundMe supporting Kangangi's wife and kids has raised nearly $70,000 so far.

"Amani" serves as a sequel of sorts to the Emmy-nominated "Skate Nation Ghana," from Meta, Droga5 and Love Song. That effort won a 2022 Gold Clio Award for excellence in editing. Both films effectively explore the nexus of technology and human endeavor, showing how Meta's digital offerings power real-life ambitions and help folks achieve IRL goals.

Kangangi's death lends "Amani"—already an emotional experience—extra gravitas, imbuing each frame with deeper meaning tinged with sadness but buoyed by hope. Campaign elements will run across Meta's Facebook and Instagram platforms, broadcast networks ABC, NBC and CBS, and on as YouTube, Wired and Condé Nast properties.

Below, agency creative take us behind the scenes of "Amani."

Muse: Can you explain how the cyclists use Meta tools?

Ben Muckensturm, senior art director: Spread across East Africa from Kenya, Uganda to Rwanda, Team Amani uses WhatsApp as their primary means of communication when not physically together. They plan their training, online and IRL races, and all competition travel logistics in their main group chat, as captured in the film. Through their use of Instagram and Facebook, Team Amani has begun to build a global following and can promote their efforts to the broader cycling community, such as encouraging participation and sponsors of their upcoming races, highlighting team member personal stories and more.

And of course, this humanizes Meta's brand, and the metaverse—which can, at times, be a lightning rod for negativity.

Thom Glover, executive creative director: "Amani" is a glimpse into the possibilities of the future metaverse through the journey of an East African cycling team as they evolve from connecting using Meta's technologies to gaining global visibility. We hope that people will see this creative and feel inspired and excited for the future possibilities of the metaverse.

Can you talk a bit about making the film?

Mike Hasinoff, executive producer: All footage was shot in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa over the course of a month. All cycling footage was captured using multiple cameras, everything from an Alexa to a drone, Super-8 and even a Fisher-Price and FlipCam Video Recorder. We also worked with the legendary Tony Hill to design bespoke rigs to play off the circular motion of a bike wheel.

There's pace and momentum. The action always moves ahead. That vibe was intentional, yes?

Mike Hasinoff: Our vision for the filmmaking style was to capture cycling in a way that hasn't been seen before, but also fully immerse the viewer in the experience, which would lead into the future expansive possibilities that the metaverse makes possible.


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