Kevin Durant Superfans Hold Court for NBA Top Shot's NFTs

A goofy game of one-upmanship

Can you spot Kevin Durant's biggest fan?

Is it the guy who owns every pro jersey K.D.'s ever worn, or the dude who's got the superstar's high-school jersey, too? The guy who painted Durant's face on his car, or the one who carries around a vial of Kevin's sock sweat?

Fans will be fans, as we learn when two Kev boosters face off for a goofy game of one-upmanship, hyping NBA Top Shot's selection of NFTs and assorted digital collectibles.

There's a fun cameo at the end, too. (Spoiler: That ain't Chris Paul!)

NBA Top Shot: Kevin Durant's Biggest Fan

Yep, it's Durant himself, strolling across Tompkins Square Park in NYC's East Village. Party Land and director Conor Byrne developed the entertaining, extremely well-acted effort for Dapper Labs, which runs Top Shop with the NBA and its Players Association.

The ad seeks to hype NFTs as "the next logical evolution of how sports fans engage with and show off their passion for basketball," Dave Feldman, Dapper's SVP of marketing, tells Muse.

They're less vile than sock sweat, that's for sure! Top Shot will offer a K.D. Starter Park for $9 that features four NFTs—one of which features Durant.

The campaign drops today across connected TV, social and digital platforms as Top Shot struggles to gain traction.

"NFTs and digital assets are still a bit of a foreign concept," Feldman says. "Through this content, we want to further educate the general population and basketball fans on the benefits of this new technology and show them how it can help bring them closer to the game they love."


Missing Pieces
Conor Byrne | Director
Tyler Byrne | Line Producer
Brian Latt | Managing Partner
Kelly Martin | Executive Producer

Cosmo Street Editorial
Yvette Cobarrubias | Executive Producer/Managing Director
Craig Deardorff | Editor
Edward Schroer | Assistant Editor
Molly Mitchell | Producer
Edwina Lantigua | Producer
Finishing Artist | Evan Nix
Taylor Armstrong | Finishing Producer

Lime Studios
Susie Boyajan | Executive Producer
Tom Paolantonio | Mixer

Party Land
Matt Heath | Founder/CCO
Andy Silva | Managing Director
Taylor Toomey | Account Supervisor
Matt Rogers | Creative Director
Kristin Childers | Executive Producer
Angela Ong | Senior Producer

Cast List
Kevin Durant as Kevin Durant
Elijah Jones as Fan #1
Bryan Reynoso as Fan #2
James Honey as Onlooker

Dapper Labs
Dave Feldman | SVP of Marketing
Malik Jiffry | Brand Marketing Lead
Tori Main | Art Director
Hayes Grooms | Head of Athlete Marketing

Kevin Durant's 35 Ventures
Sarah Flynn | CMO
Rich Kleiman | Partner & Co-Founder

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