Jason Kelce's Biggest Fan? It's Jake From State Farm!

The pitchdude schmoozed with Jason's mom at Sunday's game in Philly

Who needs Taylor Swift when you've got Jake From State Farm cheering you to victory?

The pitchman (actor Kevin Miles) hung out with Donna Kelce, mother of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, yesterday at the team's win over the Washington Commanders. 

Ryan Reynolds' agency Maximum Effort orchestrated the stunt, which riffs on Swift's headline-grabbing stadium infatuation with Jason's brother Travis, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Meanwhile, Reynolds was spotted in New York with Swift, Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman and other celebs during last night's Chiefs win over the Jets.

So, score another pop-culture TD for Ryan. He earned huge brand coverage today—for State Farm and himself—by smartly glomming onto the public's obsession du jour.

And Donna Kelce's becoming a phenom in her own right. She appeared with her sons in the NFL's kickoff commercial, and hung out with Swift at Travis' game last week. 

She doesn't play favorites!

Here's more on the Jason situation from Jake's IG:

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