High-Wire Athletes Stage Wild OOH Stunt About Mental Health

Brazilian brewer holds a 'Mountain Intervention'

Because there's no better place to lounge in a hammock than 135 meters above the street, strung between two skyscrapers...

Last month, in São Paulo, Brazil, AB InBev brand Cerveza Patagonia dispatched 10 highline athletes to do just that for a stunt dubbed "The Mountain Intervention." (The beer takes its name from a mountain range in South America.)

At various points in the performance, the highliners unfurled messages encouraging onlookers to reflect about the frantic pace of daily metropolitan life and gain some fresh perspective.

The Mountain Intervention | Cerveza Patagonia

One banner read, "Do you see how important balance is?" Another proclaimed, "The skyline is not the limit."

The brand got a big lift, via Brazil's Globo TV network and a segment on the sports program Esporte Espetacular, generating earned media seen by 124 million viewers.

"Developing projects for Patagonia is a lot of fun," say Bernardo Tavares, founder and creative lead at Beta Collective, which devised the activation. "We get to create challenging ideas and then get them off the ground—literally. Also, we get to drink decent beer and have fun inventing punny headlines. With work like that, you don't even need to go to the mountains to relax."

Siblings Fábio and Marília Meirelles, who shot the dizzying video, add, "We're always challenged in new ways, with work that takes us to unexpected places like the top of a mountain or the top of the tallest skyscrapers. The freedom to think creatively about the films we do for Cerveza Patagonia makes overcoming these challenges very rewarding."

Yep, you need a brave client. These projects don't just fall from the sky.

In September, the same team fashioned "The Mountain Experiment" for Cerveza Patagonia, sending folks into the hills to help relieve their anxiety and stress.

Previously, Tavares scaled the heights at David Brazil, contributing to acclaimed campaigns such as "Lockdown Whopper" and "BK Blind" for Burger King.



Company: ZX Ventures
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Audio Company: Estúdio Casa da Árvore
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Athletes: Allison Ferreira de Oliveira, Andreza Pereira Monteiro, Gustavo Souza Féo de Oliveira, Joel Soares da Silva, Jurandy Ferreira de Melo Junior, Matheus Stoco Vidal, Monique Paredes, Paloma Cristine Galvão Cardoso, Vinicius Cauhy
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Photo: Gustavo Oliveira
Producer: Ana Paula Brucker
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