Hennessy and the NBA Strive to Make an Impact Beyond the Lines of Play

Droga5 depicts a diverse cultural journey

To appreciate the scope of the NBA's impact as a social driver and grassroots force for good, just follow the bouncing ball.

Today, during the league's playoffs, Hennessy drops a short film developed by Droga5 and Division7 director Joshua Kissi.

Nine-time all-star, former MVP and fashion designer Russell Westbrook appears, along with ”Literally Balling” artist Victor Solomon—whose work incorporates sports imagery—and Alex Taylor, founder of Hoop York City, a basketball community for women.

"They say this game can take you far. They never told you how far you can take the game," Westbrook's narration begins, as we watch a basketball's journey into the broader world and observe the activities of the aforementioned trio.

Make Moves That Start Movements - Hennessy x NBA

"The NBA has always demonstrated a desire to push the game to new heights and into new arenas of culture," says Hennessy U.S. senior vice president Jasmin Allen. "The game's influence goes well beyond the court to impact communities around the world."

The work acknowledges that "Hoopers were no longer just hoopers, they were becoming artists, business owners, executive producers and whatever else they wanted to be," adds Droga5 copywriter Nate Richards.

Indeed, "Make Moves That Start Movements" underscores the league's ever-expanding influence (at a time when the NFL, MLB and other sports have idled or lost ground). The NBA recently explored these themes in its Idris Elba-voiced playoff campaign, while Hennessy elegantly illustrated such concepts last year. Even Nike's "Play New" draws from a similar game plan, showing competition, movement and exercise enriching lives outside the lines of play.

On the most basic level, these efforts portray sports as a vibrant facet of the modern zeitgeist, strengthening character, improving lives and buttressing neighborhoods in sundry ways. Clearly, that's true for hundreds and millions (perhaps billions) of folks worldwide. So such messaging, essentially an evolution and expansion of the "Just Do It" ethos, rings loud and true across multiple campaigns.

Beyond the half-minute "Start Movements" anthem, Hennessy plans to extend its "Unfinished Business" platform to the NBA, encouraging teams and players to launch and support community projects nationwide. Droga5 introduced the initiative last year to assist Black, Asian and Latinx small-business owners struggling against inequities exacerbated by the pandemic.

"Two things that have made me who I am today are my drive on the court and inspiring and impacting others beyond the game of basketball," Westbrook, who made an "Unfinished Business" donation to help facilitate positive change, says in a statement. "Working with Hennessy, I'm able to continue expanding my legacy to make a meaningful impact and keep inspiring others."


Client Hennessy
Campaign Make Moves That Start Movements
Title Take it Far
Launch Date 06/07/21

Agency Droga5 NY
Co-Chief Creative Officer Felix Richter
Global Head of Art Alexander Nowak
Creative Director Haywood Watkins III
Copywriter Nate Richards
Art Director Macaihah Broussard
Associate Design Director Albie Eloy
Designer Olivia Piazza
Junior Designer Kevin McCallum
Associate Director of, Film Ruben Mercadal
Senior Producer, Film Samar Zaman
Associate Producer, Film Hugh Copeland
Senior Music Supervisor Mike Ladman
Music Supervisor Sarah Tembeckjian
Director of Business Affairs Dan Simonetti
Celebrity Talent Relations Lead Whitney Vose
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Executive Producer, Print + Fabrication Alyssa Dolman
Retoucher Mike Vorrasi
Retoucher Natasha Kaser
Retoucher John Clendenen
Graphics Studio Manager Michael Mockler
Chief Brand Strategy Officer Harry Roman-Torres
Strategy Director Drew Simel
Senior Strategist Justin Clagette
Group Communications Strategy Director Delphine McKinley
Senior Communications Strategist Tattiana Bamba
Group Data Strategy Director Christina Fieni
Senior Data Strategist Daria Koren
Group Account Director Lindsay Cole
Account Director Jordan Cappadocia
Account Manager Sydney Golden
Associate Account Manager Sela Betz
Project Manager Danielle Gibbons

Client Moët Hennessy
President & CEO, Moët Hennessy North America Seth Kaufman
SVP, Hennessy, Moët Hennessy North America Jasmin Allen
VP Brand Marketing, Hennessy Derek Ruediger
Senior Brand Director, Hennessy V.S Deon Harris
Brand Director, Hennessy V.S.O.P Isadora Bailly
Brand Director, Hennessy X.O & Innovations Rachel Li
Global President & CEO, Hennessy Laurent Boillot
Global CMO, Hennessy Julie Nollet
Global VP Marketing, Hennessy Premium Range Amanda Hawk
Global VP Marketing, Hennessy Super Premium Bertrand Landreau
Global VP Marketing, Prestige Brands & Innovation Emmy Aoun Gestin

Production Company Divison7
Director Joshua Kissi
DOP Logan Triplett, Minka Farthing-Kohl
Ex. Producer David Richards, Kamila Prokop
Producer Luigi Rossi

Photographer Joshua Kissi

Editorial Cut + Run
Editor Jonnie Scarlett
Assistant Editor Chris Hilk
Managing Director Lauren Hertzberg
Producer Hope DuHaime

Post Production The Mill NY
Executive Producer Mandy Harris
Associate Producer Katharine Mulderry
CD Gavin Wellsman
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Music House Found Objects
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Producer Nick Chomowicz
Associate Music Producer Agatha Lee

Sound House Wave Studios
Sound Design & Mix Aaron Reynolds
Executive Producer Vicky Ferraro
Producer Eleni Giannopoulous

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