Droga5 Unveils Hennessy Program to Help Minority Businesses Pummeled by Covid-19

Stirring film puts the problem in perspective

Asian-American, Black and Latinx small-business owners facing financial ruin amid the Covid-19 pandemic tell their stories in this stirring film from Droga5 and director Haley Anderson.

Shot in New York City, the piece introduces a Hennessy program that will make $3 million in relief funds available to struggling entrepreneurs:

Unfinished Business: A New Program by Hennessy

Set to introspective piano jazz by Julius Rodriguez, the film initially provides quick, sad glimpses of once-thriving businesses, its moody visuals punctuated by owners' sobering statements.

• "Things started getting real bad."
• "100 percent to zero overnight."
• "Two months with no business is a long time."
• "I was restless, depressed."
• "I didn't know if we would be able to survive."
• "Every crisis lands on our doorstep."
Droga5 developed the "Unfinished Business" program to help preserve and re-invigorate independently owned companies and retail shops that often serve as the lifeblood of urban communities.

"When we embarked on the project, we were entirely focused on combating the effects of Covid-19," agency global head of art Alexander Nowak tells Muse. "But as the [racially charged] events of the last few weeks unfolded, our conversations with the business owners have led us to understand that there are even greater issues that we need to help tackle."

The aid will help fill short-term revenue gaps, but Hennessy hopes to provide "long-term support to ensure the relationship we form with these businesses goes beyond the initial $3 million," says Droga5 brand strategist Justin Clagette. Hennessy partners such as the Asian American Business Development Center, the Hispanic Federation, and One Hundred Black Men will select recipients and determine individual grant amounts. 

At the end of the film, small businesses are invited to apply. And as the narrative progresses, its tone brightens, with owners voicing dogged determination and the spirit to soldier on:

• "We will have the strength to overcome."
• "To try to be the glue for this community…"
• "…so this community can thrive."
• "This is our mission."
• "I don't plan on going anywhere."

Droga5 tapped Anderson, a woman of color and a Terence Mallick protégé, to direct after agency producer Carlos Valdivia encountered her work on the festival circuit. Here, she deftly juggles hope and desperation, creating a visually compelling story that's unflinchingly honest but inspirational, too.

Anderson's sensibilities are well served by Rodriguez's edgy score. Improvised as the cameras rolled, his soundtrack adds emotional resonance. (Rodriguez, a young Black virtuoso, is affiliated with the Williamsburg Music Center, one of the businesses profiled in the video.)

"We have all seen a lot of Covid-19 films that take a societal view of what's going on, leaning heavily on social-media footage and press photography to tell their story," Nowak says. "Some of them have been very moving. But we wanted to create something different—to make a film that came from the perspectives of these business owners, living in the aftermath of having their lives shut down overnight."

He adds: "It's not just these entrepreneurs who have unfinished business. It is the entire country."


Hennessy :: Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business :: Integrated Credits List
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Title Unfinished Business

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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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