Good as Gold: Dwyane Wade Toasts NBA Finals

With Magic, Kimmel, Queen Latifah and more

Shhh! Pipe down, please! A little respect for three-time NBA champ Dwyane Wade, who's making a toast to the NBA Finals.

Go ahead, Mr. Wade.

"Welcome. Or should I say, welcome back. Tonight, we celebrate the moment we work for all year. At the center of it are two exceptional teams. And yet, we're all a part of it."

Dwyane headlines a short film from Translation, saluting the championships in exceptionally elegant style.

Certain special rings—you know the ones!—sparkle as legends and fans pack a gilded hall, complete with a crystal basketball net.

The color palette's gold. For the league's biggest winners and honored guests, nothing less will do.

NBA | The Toast

"The glamorous setting for 'The Toast' helps match the moment," says league CMO Tammy Henault. "It served as a place where all members of the NBA family—from celebrity fans to past NBA champions and even fresh faces of the WNBA—could take in the grandeur and celebrate why we love this game,"

In the spot, Ken Jeong looks suitably dazzled. Remember when they unfroze him for the Super Bowl? Come on, MLB, add everyone's fave overexposed funnyman to your World Series lineup!

Here, other notables basking in NBA glitz, in-jokes and hip references include Ray Allen, Mike Breen, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, Isiah Thomas, Queen Latifah, Sky Kamilla Cardoso and Angel Reese.

The glitz pays off. It reps the moment in style, with ostentatious bling epitomizing the cultural and commercial juggernaut of the NBA (and big-time sports in general).

Dave Laden directed. "The Toast" starts streaming today across NBA platforms, the league's app and elsewhere.

The Toast | Behind the Scenes

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