Fubo's Sly OOH Pointedly Parodies Disney+ Super Bowl Campaign

The streamer hopes to #SaveMySports from massive joint venture

Fubo launched an OOH campaign in Washington D.C., this week that parodies Disney+'s all-copy Super Bowl ad. That commercial featured memorable movie quotes from the Marvel, Disney, Pixar and Star Wars films.

#SaveMySports serves as a response to the streaming joint venture created by Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery. Fubo filed a lawsuit against the companies last month, alleging antitrust practices and potential negative impact the new venture could have on Fubo and consumers.

Created in-house, the OOH is running outside of Capital One Arena, the Nationals Park baseball stadium and inside Union Station. Creative repurposes famous movie quotes and titles to draw attention to the negative affect the sports streaming venture could bring to consumers.

"Remember, the Titans are trying to screw you," reads one side. "Juuust a bit outside the laws to protect fans," a play off a memorable line in Major League. Each unbranded ad contains the hashtag #SaveMySports.

A dedicated website explains the concerns about the venture and encourages consumers to reach out to D.C. lawmakers via social media and phone calls to voice concerns.

"With this campaign, Fubo hopes to gain the attention of lawmakers and government officials who Fubo believes should examine the joint venture and current streaming landscape," a company spokesperson tells Muse.

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