Ex-NFL Players and Coaches Run Comic Plays for FanDuel

BBH, Arts & Sciences get you closer to the game

Let's say you're a huge NFL fan who longs to get closer to the game.

There are many methods for achieving this goal. But getting tackled by five-time Pro Bowl linebacker James Harrison shouldn't top the list, as we learn in this amusing (and painful!) spot from FanDuel:

FanDuel | Tackle

Ah well, that little dude will heal. Eventually.

BBH New York teamed with Arts & Sciences director Mike Warzin for a series of silly, satisfying spots. Most of them feature former NFL players and coaches. Each aims to show how FanDuel's app simplifies and enhances sports betting and fantasy leagues, putting users into the action, as it were, in various ways.

Here, FanDuel posits that only a peregrine falcon can deliver your winnings faster…

FanDuel | Falcon

…though of course it might just zip away with your lunch. (Winging its way to Atlanta, no doubt.)

Next, we're told wagering with FanDuel is so fast and easy, you won't need Hall of Famer Orlando Pace to work your fingers and help you place bets:

FanDuel | Betting Help

Aw, that was sweet.

Finally, coach Jeff Fisher prepares paella (with FanDuels, you won't need him to set your fantasy strategy), and a halftime tap dancer scuffs up the floor all to hell:

FanDuel | Kitchen GM
FanDuel | Tap

Can Harrison sack Tappy next time? Please?!

"There is a ton of pent-up demand and excitement for football coming back, especially given how challenging the last few months have been," notes client chief marketer Mike Raffensperger. "So, we centered our campaign this season around how easy-to-use FanDuel is, in the only way we know how—by being absurdly focused on fans."

Overall, it's fun work that really pays off. (Let's hope you can say as much for your actual sports betting this season.)

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